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WELCOME to my neocities site ! ! ! This site is a fun little project I've picked up. I think im still somewhat of a newbie in webdesign & coding with this being my second website in the making, first one being abandoned... I wanted to start fresh with a little bit more knowledge than before, keep my code clear & tidy this time & stay faar away from tables. So far i really like how its turning out and i hope you do aswell !! I'm very excited to be sharing this site and its progress with everyone who stumbles across it! Enjoy and stay safe ok ?!
A little about me -- I'm 16 years old, a shut in for the time being. I took an interest in coding about two months (i think) ago. I like to draw, read vns and i really love videogames. Recently i've been playing a lot of ps1, 2 and 3ds games since hacking my 3ds and finally figuring out how to use emulators. I really love Mogeko Castle, Corpse party, left 4 dead 2, resident evil and pokemon mystery dungeon. They all hold a special place in my heart but i especially adore the Silent Hill and Half-Life games.


8/20/22finished the main layout of music page :D it took me sometime becaus i had to redo it ...

8/16/22 almost ?! finished witj links page, its going to be an ongoing page where i will update as i collect more links and suck ^_^

8/16/22 Added a links page! It's still not complete unfortunately.

8/12/22 added an interests page!! almost done w the about page sighh of relief...

8/11-12/22 added...... iframe to about me page.....barfs...... iwas ripping my hair out .. . and i still cant style the scrollbar for some reason ALSO neocities is slow as HELL!!!!!! it takes forever to update sniff...

8/11/22 added an about me page! check it out! NOW!!!

8/9/22 changed the highlight color, its a small detail that might go unnoticed but i rlly like it ^_^ attention to detail like that makes my site feel special to me

8/9/22 added text to the mainbox! read to learn more abt ME the webmaster.. idk if i should call myself that though i wouldnt rlly consider myself a master of web

8/8/22 fresh new site!! feels good!! im paying attention to keeping my code very clear this time