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Welcome to my music page!!! I'm very greatful you decided to stop by... In here i will share songs, albums and artist that i cherish dearly and give some recommendations aswell. I would say my music taste is very vast so I'm sure you'll find something you like in here!!

If you'd like to see my current listens, go over to current page , if you want to see my all-time favorites go over to all time and ofcourse, playlists if ur interested in seeing my playlists ^_^ enjoy

Music is something I keep very close to my heart so this page is somewhat a show of appreciation for every artist, band and composer I listen to on daily -- I hope you will enjoy your time here. And also music recommendations are highly encouraged ! You can leave it on my guestbook or my site profile and i will be sure to listen to it!!

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This week's song isss: My Piggish Girl Died Miserably - My Dead Girlfriend. (10/16/22)



- current favorited tracks -

Track: Ishiki -Consciously-

Artist: Sheena Ringo

Album: Japanese Manners

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Song added on Oct. 27th

Track: Teinen Pushiganga

Artist: Jun Towaga

Album: Tamahime Sama

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Song added on Oct. 16th



10/11/22 Jun Towaga - Tamahime Sama I don't know why I neglected Jun Towaga's music all this time , listened to the full album on spotify for the first time a few days ago and it's already a favorite of mine !! favorite track: Teinen Pushiganga

8/25/22 Yoeko Kurahashi - Tokyo piano I try to listen to this album everyday. Such a shame its not on spotify. favorite track: all of them

8/22/22: Serani Poji - Manamoon not my first time listening to this album but it's been a while!! a very cute and awesome album, great listen. I love serani poji with my whole heart favorite track: time is flowing slowly