Generation 1 Pets

#5 - Cat, Shorthair

Everyone seems to have this little kitty! Her eye whites are faint red in almost every variant i've seen...

#9 - Cat, Longhair

This cute cat has a red stain around her mouth... I bought her second hand and the seller included a little meat accessory w her!

#75 - Rabbit

I LOVE this rabbit so much... It comes with a hat and a scarf... how awesome is that... She is stylish and ready 4 winter.

#266 - Pig

Absolutely in love with this piggy girl!!! She comes with the cutest BONET ever i'm so jealous of her i want to BE her.

#252 - Spaniel

AKA Genny,, shes one of my favorite spaniels, shes just so adorable! I love the little eyeshadow look she has...

#336 - Cat, Shorthair

Shes cute but her paint job is a little bad, goes well next to my #126

#325 - Daschund

Not much to say about her! Shes very cute, not a favorite but i still love her

#326 - Gecko

A Real feel pet, got him to complete the set of my #325 Daschund.

Generation 2 Pets

#959 - Spaniel

FAVORITE SPANIEL! She is ME... I love her she's one of my favorite pets ever i think!

#518 - Dachshund

Lps JFK assasination dachshund

#468 - Cat, Shorthair

Love this cat so much ! Unfortunately mine has pencil marks that i just cant seem to get off :(

#886 - Cat, Shorthair

Favorite shorthair!! I really love her, shes the first LPS i got after restarting my collection.

#649 - Cat, Kitten

CUTEST cat, comes with a scarf... got her from a lot with 3 other pets.

#648 - Rabbit

She comes in a set paired with #649, also comes with a chrismas-y hat but I don't have it !

#624 - Hamster

I love this creature. Got her to complete a set with #625.

#625 - Hamster

Got her in a lot! Shes very cute I really like her colors.

Generation 3 Pets

#5 - Cat, Shorthair

October kitten, I wanted her eversince i was little and I'm so happy to have found her along w her little pumpkin carrier.

#1010 - Dachshund

My first postcard pet and dachshund aswell, the seller included her postcard. Very cute patterns

#2401 - Jack Russell

I think this little guy is an Europe exclusive, I really like Jack Russell v2 mold! I wanna collect em all.