HELLO , it is the constructor of this website typing! Welcome to my about me page. I’m 16 years old, I own a cat, I really love listening to music and my hobbies include playing video games, drawing, cooking and very recently code and web design. Though I would still consider myself very new in coding and web design so I’m not as comfortable about listing those two as my hobbies just yet. Oh and also I'm super friendly! If ur not too weird or off putting I think we will get along just well ^_^


I spend most of my days drawing or playing video games. I love to cook and bake stuff for my family whenever I can, though, I don’t think I’m a natural in the kitchen since it takes me a few times to get some recipes right. I plan to share some of my cooking here in the future ^_^

As for drawing, I’ve been an "artist" since forever and I always enjoyed drawing. I decided to take it seriously around 2 years ago and got myself a drawing tablet. I’ve been kicking it up ever since heh ... I think i would consider myself a creative type.
I can do a whole page about video games but im a bit lazy,, I liked them ever since i was a kid but back then my love was mostly for flash games I would play on the school computer and mobile games on our shared family iPad LOL. A little after that —when i was around 13— I became interested in rpgmaker horror such as ib, Corpse Party and Mogeko Castle. And this year I started getting really into survival horror, shoot 'em ups and some 3ds games after hacking my 3ds. Anywho, i think thats all you need to know about me ^_^ OH and also I forgot to mention , I have a small anime figure collection !! But i stopped buying new ones a few months ago so one might say its discontinued...