sept 22 - 2022

second, diary entry! this actually isnt the second one but i deleted the actual second one out of embarrassment ^_^;; I started a new school and I walk there everyday, it's starting to get cold so im scared i might get sick... I'm thinking of going to university for animation and my goal is a private university with scholarship so I can't afford to miss a day ........ Anyways this is pretty boring stuff but my days are mostly boring T_T I started studying after like 3 years of not doing it, I'm actually staying late and doing my homework at school :nerd emoji: Also i think more people need to gatekeep things... im thinking of taking some album titles off my music page because im a prick and i must gatekeep. Every newfag is annoying and I'm too autistic about music to witness such thing... I know i sound like an entitled loser right now and i know people are allowed to like and get into whatever they enjoy. I can only hope they arent annoying about it i suppose.. Anyways goodbye take care mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sept 1 - 2022

first diary entry!!! yaaay. I said september 1st but it's not actually september 1st yet.. Idk why im making a blog/diary page at all, I saw another person's diary on their site and honestly i just really liked it and wanted to make one myself lolol. this is the site im talking about btw it's super great.. Ermm yeah i dont think anyone will read this so im going between typing to a [ crowd ] to typing to myself alone ... and maybe...


... hi.... and by crowd i mean like maybe 2-3 people who occasioanlly check my site... i dont actually know how many people read the contents of my site and how many of them just skim and look at the graphics and the layouts and leave... I wish there was a way to know LOL anyways even if no one reads them i will keep typing because its fun and fullfilling.. i never realized how good of a hobby web making would be but im happy i picked it up. I'm also very sleep deprived at the moment. That is all for today, I wish to update this each day even though nobody reads it.