A small introduction to Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a popular life simulation game where you get to develop the town (or island) you were dropped off on, make friends and fall victim to a racoon. It's also the chilhood game of a lot of people around the world however I first found out about Animal Crossing through images and posts I'd see around the internet on 2019, when I was 15 years old, having grown up in a country where theres little to no general interest on Nindendo consoles or games, I was unaware of this series that I would absolutely love as a little kid.

Upon learning about this little game series, I fell in love with every aspect of it and felt like I just had to play at least one of the games! At the time I didn't know anything about amulation so I started searching for the most available one to me, which was Animal Crossing: New Leaf as it was harder to find the physical copies of the games and the consoles they were released on.

So after nagging my parents for months I got a brand new 3DS for my 14th birthday, along with a copy of Animal Crossing: New leaf. That was the start of my little obsession. Since then I've abolished and re-made my town countless times and logged probably hundreds of hours into the game.

I've also managed to hack my console (and town) and installed a DS emulator that made it possible for me to play Wild World on my console. I plan to add my Wild World town and house here aswell once I'm done with it. Please enjoy my town, house and favorite KK tunes. Credits for graphics used will be listed below!

My Town

My town, Marimo is a rural forest town filled with every kind of trees and growth. The paths made of lucky clovers show you the way to popular hang out spots and villager houses! Marimo is a community populated with various species with each of them bringing their own charm to the town

notes to self: too much cedar trees and bushes clumped together around maddie's house, please fix and make it so the paths are easier to see, avoid putting trees or bushes too closely so its still visible when the player turns to their side to walk horizontally.

Town Fruit: Apple

Residents: Victoria, Peggy, Shari, Bunnie, Punchy, Maddie, Ketchup, Ribbot and Molly

Dream Address: Coming soon...

My House

Welcome to my home, or should I say... Mansion? My house is made up of five rooms in total, four of which I finished and one that's still a work in progress. Take a look !

prepping ramen

microwaving fish

it seems to be the laundry day


Come back later...

KK tunes